WSU’s Arts Learning Collaborative hosted a Visual Arts Integration Workshop in November combining art activities with a guided tour of the Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery, Confetti & Distress/Honey & Suspicion by Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor exhibit (by Lydia Gravis, Gallery Director). K Stevenson, Professor of Art at WSU, presented a recycled sculpture activity and Erinne Roundy, Art Teacher at North Davis Preparatory Academy, presented a printmaking activity. Classroom teachers and art specialists from Weber, Ogden, Davis, and surrounding charter schools, as well as Weber State preservice teachers, created some great prints and sculptures!

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Erinne Roundy presenting stamp

Erinne Roundy presenting her print to workshop attendees.


Completed Printmaking

Completed prints!


K Stevenson presenting recycled sculptures activity 2

K Stevenson presenting her recycled sculpture activity.