We are so excited to share these photos of the self portraits created by the students at Syracuse Arts Academy’s Antelope Campus. The portraits are being hung in the Utah State Board of Education boardroom. Utah State’s Superintendent, Sydnee Dickson, really enjoyed seeing the artwork in the boardroom!

Mrs. Kristy Tubbs, thank you for sharing this artwork and for having your students create these self portraits!

Grades K-6 created a monochromatic self-portrait to use in a larger collaborative piece. The students discussed the meaning of collaboration and how sometimes you work directly with each other, or separately and put the pieces together like a puzzle. Students learned and gained a further understanding of monochromatic colors for the color scheme. Also, they talked about VALUE and VARIETY (colored pencils, crayons, and markers as mediums). The different mediums have qualities and limitations for what the students were trying to achieve as the final product of their artwork.


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