We visited Brent Rhodes, the BTSALP Visual Arts specialist at Horace Mann Elementary (and James Madison Elementary), on Wednesday, April 19th and saw a great lesson incorporating vocabulary the fourth graders had learned on geometric shapes and angles (obtuse, acute, right, parallel, etc.). The fourth graders learned about realistic, abstract, and non-representational artwork and then created their own non-representational artwork using their geometric vocabulary! Afterwards, we walked around and saw all the artwork posted around the school.

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These fourth grade students at Horace Mann Elementary created non-representational artwork using their geometric vocabulary. Can you find the parallel lines? How about the intersecting lines? Obtuse and acute angles?



Mr. Rhodes has made it an annual tradition to have students create portraits of the elementary faculty and staff based on their school photos! These photos are then posted throughout the school for parents to see during parent teacher conferences and throughout the school year.



Students used watercolors and permanent marker to create bees.



Students learned about The Blue Boy portrait by Thomas Gainsborough (pictured on the left) and created their own portraits based on The Blue Boy.