Holbrook Elementary Veteran’s Day Performance

Davis School District

Katherine Fowles, music specialist

Friday, November 11, 2016

On this Veteran’s Day, we visited Holbrook Elementary School in the Davis School District. Katherine Fowles, the music specialist there, and her students have been putting on a Veteran’s Day performance for several years. (Davis School District is part of the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program, which helps support one visual arts and three music instructional coaches who then support the elementary visual arts and music specialists in Davis.)

The students invited military service members and Veterans to the performance and featured them at the front of the auditorium. The performance offered a great tribute to their service and showed a range of musical abilities from singing, playing recorders, choreography, and playing percussion using plastic plates! The students sang an Armed Forces Medley (covered by all of the grades – K-6) among many other songs. Thank you Mrs. Fowles, the faculty, staff, and administrators for such a great performance!

Thank you, Veterans, for your service!

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The Veterans were invited to introduce themselves, where they served, and who invited them to the performance.



Students sang songs, accompanied songs with recorders, and had choreographed movements with props.




The Veterans were invited to walk through a line of saluting boy and girl scouts.