Grants for Educators and Students

There are many grant opportunities, nationally and locally, for arts specialists, teachers, schools, and students.  We have listed several below.  Don’t forget to ask your principal and PTA about assisting you with your goal too!

Grants available to all Schools and School Districts

Art Works for Kids 

The Art Works for Kids Foundation is inviting districts, universities, and arts-based organizations to apply for grants to be used to plan and deliver professional development and other support for classroom and arts teachers. Grants typically range between $5,000 and $25,000, and the Foundation has given millions of dollars over nearly two decades to schools, districts, arts organizations and universities for professional development and specialists.

Blick: The Art Room Aid

Blick understands just how important collaboration is. That’s why we launched Art Room Aid in 2009 as a way to garner support for essential creative learning in classrooms, schools, and other creative spaces across the country. Since 2009, more than $270,000 has been given to Art Room Aid projects by arts advocates from across the country.

When you become a part of Art Room Aid, you’re joining a larger community and taking part in a conversation that goes far beyond the classrooms and community spaces where art is happening every day. If you’re an art educator, Art Room Aid provides the tools to easily share your dreams and funding needs without complicated applications or fees that take away from contributions.

Box Tops for Education

Earn cash for your school by clipping 10¢ Box Tops from hundreds of products and sending them to your local school.

It’s easy to see what a difference we can all make when we clip. Box Tops for Education has helped our kids’ schools earn over $600 million since the program started in 1996, including more than $85 million last school year alone. That means that every year, millions of people clip those little Box Tops, putting them in plastic baggies and handing them in to their schools. More than 80,000 schools right now are using Box Tops earnings to fund much-needed supplies and equipment.

So, consider this: What if we did just a little bit more? What if we all asked one friend to clip 10 Box Tops? What if we clipped 10 more Box Tops this year ourselves?  Because every little bit adds up for our kids. Together we can make a real difference in their education. But none of it could happen without you.

Champion Creatively Alive Children Grant through Crayola

The 2015 program provides grants for innovative, creative leadership team building within elementary schools. Apply for the opportunity to receive a grant for building your school’s creative capacity. Each grant-winning school (up to 20 grants awarded) receives $2,500 and Crayola products valued at $1,000.

Here’s how you can get started now…

  • Form a collaborative team to plan innovative ways of infusing creativity throughout the school.
  • Brainstorm aleadership program that will enrich the creative capabilities and confidence within the school community.
  • Plan how and who will lead this collaborative effort.
  • Complete the application.
  • Submit application by June 22, 2015 (the principal must be a member of NAESP) – this will be updates when the new application is released.
  • Receive a gift — every Early Bird application submitted before midnight on Monday, June 8, 2015 will receive a Crayola product Classpack®. is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need. K-12 public school (and public charter school) teachers from every corner of America post classroom project requests on our site, and you can give any amount to the project that most inspires you.

When a project reaches its funding goal, we ship the materials to the school. You’ll get photos of the project taking place, a letter from the teacher, and insight into how every dollar was spent. Give over $50 and you’ll also receive hand-written thank-yous from the students.

If a partially funded project expires, donors get their donations returned as account credits, which they can use to: choose a new project to support or send the teacher they supported a gift card.

Ezra Jack Keats Mini-Grants

Public education is one of the greatest legacies of our country, one that benefits children from every walk of life. For Keats, it was at public school that he received encouragement to pursue his vocation as an artist. And the public library was a haven that introduced him to the wonders of art history.

To offer a similar experience to new generations, the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation created Mini-Grants: awards of up to $500 given to public schools and public libraries for projects that foster creative expression, working together and interaction with a diverse community. EJK Mini-Grants give educators, whose efforts are often inadequately funded or recognized, an opportunity to design and implement a great program—whether a special activity outside the standard curriculum or one that helps meet its goals.


Set up a campaign to raise money for your classroom needs. The beauty of GoFundMe is that it allows campaign organizers to invite others to take part in their story. Just as we share parts of our lives on Facebook, we also want to share our dreams, pursuits, celebrations, and challenges online with crowdfunding. People will always be eager to support others they care about. GoFundMe removes the physical barriers traditionally associated with receiving financial support from the people in our lives.

If the project goal is not met, you still keep each and every donation you receive. Reaching your goal is not required.

Sorenson Legacy Foundation

The Sorenson Legacy Foundation is a non-profit corporation established by James LeVoy Sorenson and his wife Beverley for the purpose of promoting charitable, artistic, religious, educational, literary and scientific endeavors. The foundation is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and is qualified under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Target Education Grants 

Throughout the year, our stores provide education grants to local K-12 schools to support educational field trips. Learning opportunities extend far beyond the classroom, but it’s becoming more difficult for schools to fund trips to museums, historical sites and other cultural destinations. Since 2007, our Field Trip Grants program has made it possible for millions of students to go on a field trip.

Target Field Trip Grants

Utah Art Education Association 

Information about national and local grants and competitions for art teachers and their students.

Utah Division of Arts & Museums Opportunities  (Grants, Competitions, etc.)

Grants – Three grant categories are offered to educators, schools and school districts in the area of arts education. To download guidelines and online application instructions, please click on the name of each grant.

  • Arts-in-Residence, in which schools and school districts are awarded an amount to bring in an artist for a two-week, three-week, or four-week residency.
  • Arts Education Projects, in which an amount is awarded to a school or school district to bring in artists and/or artistic companies for a project that may address a comprehensive theme, integrate with additional core subjects, extend throughout the year, include community partners or support innovative professional development for educators.
  • Arts Ed Teacher Initiated Project Grant, in which an artist works one-on-one with a teacher to instruct the teacher in a specific art form. The emphasis is on the teacher’s growth in knowledge and skills in an art form of his/her choice. This experience does not require the teacher to apply this in the classroom; it supports personal growth in the arts.

Competitions – Utah Division of Arts & Museums offers a variety of competitions for students, ranging from writing to poetry to visual arts.

Available to Davis School District

Davis Education Foundation

The Davis Education Foundation supports multiple programs that benefit students attending schools in the Davis School District.  Some programs support the individual child. With Child Spree helping students in need go back to school with new clothes and Kids Closet providing basic needs to a student at a school.  Throughout the year, the Foundation also provides matching funds for a school or department to facilitate an innovative program that promotes education or awards funds on a smaller scale for classroom projects.
  • Innovative School & Department Grants – Designed to encourage, facilitate, recognize and reward innovative and creative instructional programs and ideas in education.  Up to $5,000 may be granted and may be used for resource materials, supplies, equipment, transportation, software or technology.
  • Cash for Classrooms – Provides a financial means for educators to create experiences that enrich and enhance student learning. Educators can apply for up to $500 annually. The grants may be used to for classroom resources, materials and field trips.

Available to Ogden School District 


The OGDEN CITY ARTS GRANTS PROGRAM, funded through an annual appropriation from Ogden City, makes direct grants to individuals and organizations that contribute to the cultural life of our community. OGDEN CITY ARTS GRANTS support projects in every art form, for both well-established institutions and newly formed groups. Grants are available to individuals for projects of exceptional merit that provide public service. All grants are made on a yearly basis, and new applications must be submitted each year. OGDEN CITY ARTS support should not be considered the primary source of funding for any arts organization or project. OGDEN CITY ARTS expects applicants to seek other funding sources as well. The OGDEN CITY ARTS GRANTS PROGRAM is competitive. An award for the current year does not guarantee an award for the following year. The award of these grants is made at the sole discretion of OGDEN CITY. Please read carefully the Legal Assurances on the last page of the application before signing the application. In the event that a grant is awarded, these assurances become part of the legally binding contract between the applicant and OGDEN CITY ARTS. Major changes in scope, budget, or schedule must be submitted in writing and approved.

Ogden School Foundation 

Must be requested between the first day of school and October 1 (Ogden Schools).

The mission of the Ogden School Foundation is to enhance educational opportunities for the students of the Ogden City School District.

We will:

  • Motivate and provide opportunities for students, District employees and community members to expand their commitment to education.
  • Enhance educational services and opportunities offered by the District through programs including, but not limited to:

Available to Weber School District 

Weber School Foundation

The Weber School Foundation believes that every child deserves the opportunity to be successful in life, regardless of circumstance. This philosophy has been the Foundation’s guiding principle for the last 30+ years. We strive to provide a rich and dynamic learning experience for our students through the funding of educational grants.

If you’re an educator in the Weber School District, we encourage you to apply for any of the applicable grants. Please contact Shelly Smith at 801-476-7896 if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Basic Needs Grant (clothing, dental, eyeglasses, show assistance, medication)
  • Class Grant (up to $300 per teacher and up to $500 per grade/department with project collaboration)
  • School Grant (assists schools in fundraising efforts, maximum of $5,000 per school and requires 50% matching)
  • Special Needs Grant (purchases educational tools and specialized equipment to make education more accessible to children with special needs)
  • Field Trips 

Loans and Scholarship Information

Career Development Grants from the American Association of University Women (AAUW)

Career Development Grants provide funding to women who hold a bachelor’s degree and are preparing to advance or change careers or reenter the workforce. Primary consideration is given to women of color and women pursuing their first advanced degree or credentials in nontraditional fields.

Latinos in Action Scholarships

A list of scholarships offered to students with links to more information.  These scholarships are offered for students in Utah and around the country.

Learning & Leadership Grants from The NEA Foundation

Our Learning & Leadership Grants support public school teachers, public education support professionals, and/or faculty and staff in public institutions of higher education for one of the following two purposes:

  • Grants to individuals fund participation in high-quality professional development experiences, such as summer institutes, conferences, or action research
  • Grants to groups fund collegial study, including study groups, action research, lesson plan development, or mentoring experiences for faculty or staff.

TheTeacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program provides grants of up to $4,000 a year to students who are completing or plan to complete course work needed to begin a career in teaching.  A TEACH Grant is different from other federal student grants because it requires you to take certain kinds of classes in order to get the grant, and then do a certain kind of job to keep the grant from turning into a loan.

T.H. Bell Teaching Incentive Loan Program

The Utah State Board of Regents provides funding for the Terrel H. Bell Teaching Incentive Loan Program (Bell TIL). Upon certification/graduation, recipients are required to teach in the state of Utah for the same number of semesters they received funds under the Bell TIL. Failure to complete the program of study or failure to teach in Utah after its completion will incur an obligation to repay the amount received for the Bell TIL plus 7% interest on the unpaid balance.

USBE Loans and Scholarships

Learn more about the Public Education Job Enhancement Program and Teaching Incentive Loan (TIL).