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Out and About in BTSALP Schools: Cassie Burton

Cassie is a drama specialists in the BTSALP program and works at two Ogden elementary schools. She was working on stories with her students and going through the different parts of a story. Cassie also had some great assistance with the 3rd grade teacher!

Walking through the hallway, there was also a neat project about the life cycle of a butterfly! It’s great to see arts integration happening all over the school!

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Ms. Burton going through the parts of a story.




Ms. Burton and the 3rd grade teacher assisting the students with a new ending to Little Red Riding Hood.



Students collaborating on the new ending of their fairytale.



Walking through the school’s hallways I found this artistic interpretation of the Life Cycle of the Butterfly and a poem about butterflies!

Out and About in BTSALP Schools: Jason Langlois

Our new drama specialist at Ascent Academies – Farmington, Jason Langlois, is doing a great job incorporating dance, singing, and visual art in his lessons! He is helping to teach a musical play called “The Incredible Westward Movement” based on a delivery girl and boy who deliver packages to people who have moved West. He is also teaching students about ratios, complementary colors, and the phases of the moon. We’re excited to see the musical in November!

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Langlois on Stage

Reviewing the class time agenda.

Langlois reminding class of PEAKS

Mr. Langlois reviewed Ascent Academies – Farmington‘s PEAKS Ticket before starting class.

Langlois asking questions

Before teaching the choreography, Mr. Langlois reviewed the scene the students would be working on.

Langlois choreography

Mr. Langlois did a great job teaching the fourth graders the choreography to a song for their upcoming musical play “The Incredible Westward Movement.”

Langlois Classroom Proclamations

A fun idea for class rules – Proclamations!