Wasatch and Valley Elementary 6th Grade Performances

May 26th is the last day of school for students in the Ogden and Weber School Districts! Congratulations to the teachers and students for making it through another year! Here are some highlights from two 6th grade performances from May 24.  Click here to see this post on our Facebook page.

Wasatch Elementary School – Donna Corby, principal
Drama Specialist: Cassie Burton (Ogden School District)
Dig It

“Dig It” was performed by Wasatch Elementary’s 6th grade students before their awards and promotion ceremony. The musical described how people lived in ancient cultures, from building pyramids in Egypt to the building of Rome!

IMG_3012 IMG_3018

















Valley Elementary School – David Hales, principal
Music Specialist: Daniel White (Weber School District)
6th Grade

Mr. White worked with the 6th grade classes at Valley to put together “A Vacation to Mars,” which touches on parts of the Utah 3rd and 6th grade Science Core. The students helped choreograph the musical, created the sets and props, and set up special lighting!

Valley Vacation to Mars 9AM May 24 Valley Vacation to Mars 9AM May 24 Venus

Out and About in BTSALP Schools: Maggie Nylander

GreenWood Charter School is in its first year of being open and is new to the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program. We are excited to have this school as part of the Weber State University service area! Their visual arts specialist, Maggie Nylander, is doing a great job working with the different groves (grades) to create artwork and reinforce the concepts they are learning in their classes. She infuses art techniques with bee anatomy and Egyptian history, while being true to the school’s goals of mindfulness, leadership, and health. Ms. Nylander encourages students to be open to different ideas and take time to view and give feedback on other students’ art work.

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On this project students explored the anatomy of a bison and created a watercolor background landscape. The students then wrote about their field trip to Antelope Island.

Water Color Buffalos


Antelope Island Expedition Writing Sample


For this project students explored texture and warm/cool colors. Students divided their landscape in half placing the warm colors in the sky and the cool colors on the ground. They used different textures in every section of their drawing. They also incorporated plants that are native to antelope island.

Antelope Island Expedition Warm and Cool


Students etched the figure of King Tut and included Egyptian symbols. The students revealed the gold beneath the black paint and used patterns, symmetry, and shapes to create their figure.

Student working on King Tut

Student working on King Tut 2


The students studied bees and their anatomy. To help explore and reinforce this concept, Ms. Nylander had students create a silhouette of a bee and explore negative and positive space.

Negative and Positive Space Bees


The younger students are exploring impressionism and Monet. Ms. Nylander has the students creating their own impressionistic artwork!


Monet 1


Trees created by GreenWood kindergarteners.

Kindergarten Trees

Students in the Upper Grove learned about Egyptian history and created these Egyptian gods by engraving craft foil.

Egyptian God 1 Egyptian God 2