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Ogden and Weber End of the Year Performances

May is a month of performances! In the past week, we have attended over 7 shows at BTSALP elementary schools in the Ogden and Weber School Districts and there are plenty more shows to see!

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Taylor Canyon Elementary School – Jeanne Clifton, principal
Drama Specialist: Leslie Ireland (Ogden School District)
Mrs. Ireland’s after school drama program performed “Cinderella Hood,” which combines the stories of Cinderella and Robin Hood.

Ms. Miller’s 6th Grade Class
Ms. Miller’s 6th grade class performed “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”



Lomond View Elementary School – Kevin Chase, principal
Music Specialist: Daniel White (Weber School District)
Mrs. Broad’s 5th Grade Class
Mr. White and Mrs. Broad work on the musical “The American Revolution” with their 5th grade students. The students choreographed the musical, created the sets and props, and blocked it as well!


Wasatch Elementary School – Donna Corby, principal
Drama Specialist: Cassie Burton (Ogden School District)
Golden Spike
Students at Wasatch Elementary performed in and attended the show “Golden Spike” which describes how the railroads were built in Utah.


Polk Elementary School – Maridee Harrison, principal
Drama Specialist: Cassie Burton (Ogden School District)
6th Grade Shakespeare Scenes
The 6th grade students at Polk Elementary performed scenes from four of Shakespeare’s works: The Tempest, Julius Caesar, As You Like It, and Macbeth.

Artwork for Legislators

Our BTSALP Visual Arts Specialists have provided us with wonderful artwork from their students! These pieces of art show a variety of techniques and cover several topics of Utah history and landscape. The artwork will be given to Legislators at an upcoming luncheon. Thank you, Mr. Rhodes, Ms. Hedgepeth, and Ms. Webb, for the care and time you put into teaching our students in the Ogden and Weber School Districts!

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Hooper Elementary, Ms. Webb (Visual Arts Specialist), Weber School District
Fourth Grade Britto-ized Arches: Students learned about Romero Britto’s artwork and about the arches in Southern Utah. Students drew the Delicate Arch and painted the arch in the style of Britto’s artwork. They painted the arch in warm colors and the sky in cool colors.






Hillcrest Elementary, Ms. Hedgepeth (Visual Arts Specialist), Ogden School District
Kindergarten Self Portraits: Students discussed what makes them healthy and happy.





Hillcrest Elementary, Ms. Hedgepeth (Visual Arts Specialist), Ogden School District
Third Grade Dinosaurs: Students were studying and comparing the landscape of Southern Utah with the possible landscape of Mars.





James Madison Elementary, Mr. Rhodes (Visual Arts Specialist), Ogden School District
Fourth Grade Native Utah Paintings: The students learned about the native people of Utah. Students studied the art of the native people and broke down the art into shapes, patterns, and flat color. (Social Studies and Visual Arts Integration)




James Madison Elementary, Mr. Rhodes (Visual Arts Specialist), Ogden School District
First Grade Bees: The students were reading a story about busy bees and used the art activity to evaluate their comprehension of bee activities and attributes and the beehive is on the state flag. (Language Arts and Visual Arts Integration)




Lincoln Elementary, Ms.Hedgepeth (Visual Arts Specialist), Ogden School District
Fourth Grade Fish Fossils: Fourth graders were studying about rocks and fossils.




Shadow Puppetry Workshop and The Yellow Ball Project

WSU’s Arts Learning Collaborative’s leader, Tamara Goldbogen, and puppeteer, Lisa Leibering, were featured in the December 10th – Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program Newsletter.

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Puppetry Cassie Working with Students

Ms. Burton working with her 2nd and 3rd graders during the Shadow Puppetry Workshop.

Puppetry Lisa Model

Lisa Leibering presenting the Shadow Puppetry Workshop.

Photos below are courtesy of the Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities.

Photo courtesy of the Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities (1) copy

Photo courtesy of the Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities (2)

Photo courtesy of the Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities (3)


WSU Visual Arts Integration Workshop – November 2015

WSU’s Arts Learning Collaborative hosted a Visual Arts Integration Workshop in November combining art activities with a guided tour of the Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery, Confetti & Distress/Honey & Suspicion by Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor exhibit (by Lydia Gravis, Gallery Director). K Stevenson, Professor of Art at WSU, presented a recycled sculpture activity and Erinne Roundy, Art Teacher at North Davis Preparatory Academy, presented a printmaking activity. Classroom teachers and art specialists from Weber, Ogden, Davis, and surrounding charter schools, as well as Weber State preservice teachers, created some great prints and sculptures!

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Erinne Roundy presenting stamp

Erinne Roundy presenting her print to workshop attendees.


Completed Printmaking

Completed prints!


K Stevenson presenting recycled sculptures activity 2

K Stevenson presenting her recycled sculpture activity.

Out and About in BTSALP Schools: Alisa Webb

Out and About Visit with Alisa Webb: Alisa Webb is the BTSALP Visual Arts Specialist at Hooper and North Ogden Elementary Schools. On November 16, her Hooper Elementary School first graders were creating a story about monsters using verbs and nouns. Her students did a great job using crayons and watercolors to create their monsters! Walking through the school, there were wonderful pieces of artwork posted that were created in Ms. Webb’s classroom (like these totem poles and salt figures). She did a great job with classroom management and incorporating Mona Lisa as an example of good posture and focus!

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FullSizeRender copy

Alisa Webb used this as a great classroom management strategy!


Ms. Webb describing what a noun is.



FullSizeRender_1 copyFullSizeRender_2

Watercolors from the first grade classes at Hooper Elementary School, working on nouns and verbs.



IMG_1405 copy


Syracuse Arts Academy Ribbon Cutting

Syracuse Arts Academy celebrated the Ribbon Cutting of their new Antelope Campus on Thursday, November 5, 2015! The event featured speeches from the SAA Antelope Campus principal, Jan Whimpey, and Syracuse City Mayor, Terry Palmer. They opened their school to the community, students, and parents who were able to participate and view a dance workshop, choir and band performances, and artwork. It was wonderful to see the arts integration activities hung around the school! Congratulations on a great event!


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SAA Ribbon Cutting

Syracuse Arts Academy Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


SAA Mayor Speaking

Syracuse City Mayor, Terry Palmer


SAA Principal Speaking

Syracuse Arts Academy Principal, Jan Whimpey


SAA Jazz Band

Syracuse Arts Academy Junior High Jazz Band


SAA Earth Pastel

Visual arts integration activity

SAA Planet Pastels


SAA Flower Water Color

Watercolor flowers in the hallway at Syracuse Arts Academy


SAA Art Masks

Plaster masks created by the students at Syracuse Arts Academy


SAA Yellow Modern Art PIece

Artwork created by students at Syracuse Arts Academy hung in the K-6 gymnasium


SAA Elementary Choir

Syracuse’s 4-6 grade choirs performed as part of the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Out and About in BTSALP Schools: Leslie Hamilton

Leslie works at two Ogden elementary schools and is a second year BTSALP drama specialist. On Thursday, October 29, Leslie was working with a 4th grade class doing a reader’s theater. She pre-assigned the students their characters and read through the play. She then had small props (capes, wigs, hats, masks) for the students to use as they performed the play as a class. The students had a great time acting out their roles!

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Out and About in BTSALP Schools: Cassie Burton

Cassie is a drama specialists in the BTSALP program and works at two Ogden elementary schools. She was working on stories with her students and going through the different parts of a story. Cassie also had some great assistance with the 3rd grade teacher!

Walking through the hallway, there was also a neat project about the life cycle of a butterfly! It’s great to see arts integration happening all over the school!

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Ms. Burton going through the parts of a story.




Ms. Burton and the 3rd grade teacher assisting the students with a new ending to Little Red Riding Hood.



Students collaborating on the new ending of their fairytale.



Walking through the school’s hallways I found this artistic interpretation of the Life Cycle of the Butterfly and a poem about butterflies!

Out and About in BTSALP Schools: Jason Langlois

Our new drama specialist at Ascent Academies – Farmington, Jason Langlois, is doing a great job incorporating dance, singing, and visual art in his lessons! He is helping to teach a musical play called “The Incredible Westward Movement” based on a delivery girl and boy who deliver packages to people who have moved West. He is also teaching students about ratios, complementary colors, and the phases of the moon. We’re excited to see the musical in November!

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Langlois on Stage

Reviewing the class time agenda.

Langlois reminding class of PEAKS

Mr. Langlois reviewed Ascent Academies – Farmington‘s PEAKS Ticket before starting class.

Langlois asking questions

Before teaching the choreography, Mr. Langlois reviewed the scene the students would be working on.

Langlois choreography

Mr. Langlois did a great job teaching the fourth graders the choreography to a song for their upcoming musical play “The Incredible Westward Movement.”

Langlois Classroom Proclamations

A fun idea for class rules – Proclamations!