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Hooper Elementary Arts Night

We visited Hooper Elementary’s Art Night on April 26 and it was a great evening of displayed artwork, creating stations, musical performances, and a book fair. Congratulations to Principal Gerstheimer, the PTA, and Alisa Webb, the BTSALP Visual Arts Specialist at Hooper and North Ogden, for putting on such a wonderful event!

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Fifth Grade Portraits

Sixth Grade Planets/Solar System

Below is a school-wide project based on the artwork and book called “It’s Okay to be Different” by Todd Parr. The self portraits spell out Hooper Mustangs!

Third Grade Portraits of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

First Grade Gardens

Turtle Habitats

Kindergarten Portraits

Below: Ms. Webb hosted a screen printing table at Hooper’s Art Night. Students and parents could bring in their own shirts (or pillow cases as seen here) and help print the logos on their shirts!

Out and About with Brent Rhodes at Horace Mann Elementary

We visited Brent Rhodes, the BTSALP Visual Arts specialist at Horace Mann Elementary (and James Madison Elementary), on Wednesday, April 19th and saw a great lesson incorporating vocabulary the fourth graders had learned on geometric shapes and angles (obtuse, acute, right, parallel, etc.). The fourth graders learned about realistic, abstract, and non-representational artwork and then created their own non-representational artwork using their geometric vocabulary! Afterwards, we walked around and saw all the artwork posted around the school.

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These fourth grade students at Horace Mann Elementary created non-representational artwork using their geometric vocabulary. Can you find the parallel lines? How about the intersecting lines? Obtuse and acute angles?



Mr. Rhodes has made it an annual tradition to have students create portraits of the elementary faculty and staff based on their school photos! These photos are then posted throughout the school for parents to see during parent teacher conferences and throughout the school year.



Students used watercolors and permanent marker to create bees.



Students learned about The Blue Boy portrait by Thomas Gainsborough (pictured on the left) and created their own portraits based on The Blue Boy.


Taylor Canyon Performance of Two Eyes with Leslie Ireland

The after school drama club at Taylor Canyon Elementary, led by the BTSALP drama specialist Leslie Ireland, performed a show called “Two Eyes” on Tuesday, March 28, 2017.  The story is about one group bullying a group of three eyed beings.  The group of three eyed beings have a wise, older three eyed being who predicts that a two eyed being will help beat the group of bullies.  The three eyed beings send their forces to Earth to collect a two eyed being and finally after making several trips, they bring back a human (after a dog, chicken, and butterfly).  In the end, it turns out to be one of their own (who has two eyes) who defeats the bullies!

Shadow Valley Elementary – Cinderella Hood with Leslie Ireland

Leslie Ireland, our BTSALP drama specialist at Taylor Canyon and Shadow Valley Elementary Schools, and her after school drama program at Shadow Valley performed Cinderella Hood for the students (and for the parents in the evening).

Cinderella Hood is a twist on the traditional Cinderella. It was great seeing her students on stage with sets created by the students! Bravo!

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SAA – Antelope Campus Monochromatic Self Portraits

We are so excited to share these photos of the self portraits created by the students at Syracuse Arts Academy’s Antelope Campus. The portraits are being hung in the Utah State Board of Education boardroom. Utah State’s Superintendent, Sydnee Dickson, really enjoyed seeing the artwork in the boardroom!

Mrs. Kristy Tubbs, thank you for sharing this artwork and for having your students create these self portraits!

Grades K-6 created a monochromatic self-portrait to use in a larger collaborative piece. The students discussed the meaning of collaboration and how sometimes you work directly with each other, or separately and put the pieces together like a puzzle. Students learned and gained a further understanding of monochromatic colors for the color scheme. Also, they talked about VALUE and VARIETY (colored pencils, crayons, and markers as mediums). The different mediums have qualities and limitations for what the students were trying to achieve as the final product of their artwork.


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Singing Games Workshop with Dr. Vincent Bates

On Thursday, December 1, 2016, Dr. Vincent Bates, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education at Weber State University, presented a workshop to local teachers about singing games.  The workshop, Singing Games for Engagement, Integration, and Intrinsic Motivation, was filled with singing, movement, and laughter!  The teachers had a great time learning how to incorporate singing games into their classrooms.  Check out the photos below!

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The teachers learned “Head and Shoulders, Baby.”



Below, the teachers are playing “Little Johnny Brown.”





The teachers were singing and dancing to “When I was a Baby.” The baby grew to a teenager, a teacher, a parent, and an old person!





“Bluebird, bluebird, through my window.”



Erinne Roundy with WSU’s Creative Processes in the Elementary Classroom

On Wednesday, November 16th, Erinne Roundy, the Art Foundations teacher at North Davis Preparatory Academy and our Arts Learning Collaborative colleague, worked with Tamara Goldbogen’s education students in the Creative Processes in the Elementary Classroom class.  Erinne presented a lesson on scale and had the students created miniature models of different objects.  Here are some photos of the objects they created!








Out & About with Brent Rhodes at Horace Mann Elementary

Brent Rhodes is the BTSALP visual art specialist at Horace Mann and James Madison Elementary Schools. When we visited him, he was assisting the 2nd grade students with creating calendars and the students focused on the month of July. Mr. Rhodes talked about the history of the Statue of Liberty and Independence Day and helped the students create Lady Liberty’s head in front of fireworks.

On Monday, November 14th, Mr. Rhodes was the Visual Arts presenter at the Davis School District’s Fine Arts Integration Conference! He did a great job presenting to the teachers who attended!








Diversity and Equity in Education Workshop with Dr. Nicole Robinson


Developing Critical Consciousness of Diversity and Equity in Education

Nicole R. Robinson, Ph. D., Presenter

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dr. Nicole Robinson from the University of Utah came to Weber State University to present her Diversity and Equity in Education Workshop to WSU faculty, staff, students and teachers from Morgan, Davis, Weber, and Ogden School Districts and Charter Schools. Attendees learned about diversity, privilege, and equity in the lives of students, administrators, families, and schools through playing a game developed by Dr. Robinson.




Participants split into groups and were given a different scenario and socio-economic status. They had to figure out which bills to pay with the salary of the person in their scenario. They then came together to talk about their situation.





Participants would roll the dice and move the amount of spaces rolled. Each space prompted the team to pick up a certain card, which contained a specific development that dealt with the particular socio-economic status.